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Here you will find a few snippets about me personally and no doubt from the website you’ve started to get a feel for the type of person I am.

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Jamie Monk
Jamie MonkBusiness Guru
Entrepreneur | Geek | Wolf Dad

Talking about yourself is, odd

I’m a modern guy living in a world that changes every minute but ever since I was young and spent time with my Dad in his garage I learnt that my favourite thing in this world is making things.

It took many years to work out what I was good at making, and it turns out that I’m very good at designing new solutions to problems that people face.

​Being a fully fledged geek of course my problem solving skills leant towards technology rather than carpentry like my father.

​It has served me well over my life so far and is certainly where I feel most at home.

It’s probably something to do with me being in that weird generational overlap between being a ‘Gen-Xer’ and ‘Millennial’ (apparently called Xennial which means I have the cynicism of Gen Xers and the optimism of Millennials).

Here are five things that I enjoy doing the most:

  • My dog: I love him more than life and he has changed the way I look at this world. I love nothing more than spending time with him, taking pictures and just being silly with him.

  • Technology: I love a new piece of tech or working on something new. Nothing gives me more of a buzz.

  • Helping people: Really, I am one of those people that gets a buzz from helping out people, be that in a training room or in the pub.

  • Fixing things: When something is broken and I have that lightbulb moment to make it work – wow that is my drug of choice.

  • People: I’ve always been a people’s person from my days managing people to working 121, I thrive on seeing others achieve.

“Jamie’s services are top quality. He is genuine, takes time to prepare, and understand’s your concerns and challenges in your business, and proposes great advice and solutions for them. I’ve told my girlfriend about how satisfied I am with Jamie that she even got me more sessions with him as a birthday gift. Couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift!”

Jake, Fluentize

“Second time using Jamie. He did the job in record time, very very impressive. FIVE STARS for sure! It’s great working with him and we will continue to do so for a long time.”


“Had my first consultation with Jamie today and it was top notch really helped me. I will be definitely using this service again!”

“Jamie provided a great review of our new advert! Most importantly, the review was critical and to the point.”


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